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Beginning June 1, 2017, RAPCA will no longer be issuing open burning permissions except for State permissions that involve fire training, prairie burns, land management, and other limited approved circumstances. Anyone choosing to burn for the purpose of waste disposal must follow the terms and conditions listed below and comply with Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-19 Open Burning Standards. Failure to comply with these rules may result in possible enforcement action and revocation of open burning privileges.

RAPCA will be maintaining a list of addresses (see below) where residents have demonstrated and/or stated that they can meet the OAC rules and agree to the open burning terms and conditions. This list is being maintained as a courtesy to residents and local fire departments as to help alleviate any unnecessary fire squad calls.

Open Burning Terms and Conditions

  • Maintain all fires in a nuisance-free fashion.
  • Notify your local Fire Department prior to burning.
  • Only clean, dry, untreated wood or other approved materials may be burned. See OAC 3745-19 for a complete list of approve materials or contact RAPCA with questions.
  • Burning of asphalt shingles, trash, tires, plastics, furniture, mattresses, building materials is strictly prohibited and all other prohibited materials. See OAC 3745-19 for a complete list of prohibited materials or contact RAPCA with questions.
  • Fire extinguishing materials must be on-site at all times.
  • Do NOT burn during high wind conditions, please check with your local fire department if there are any questions.
  • Open burning on Air Pollution Advisory days is prohibited. Call the RAPCA Airline at 937-223-3222, or visit the RAPCA home page, to find out if an advisory has been issued.
  • Burn site must be located at least 1,000 feet from the nearest neighboring residence.
    Resident must recognize dry conditions and obey any state or local advisories and/or bans against open burning. Specifically, OAC 3745-19 does not relieve the resident of the ODNR Division of Forestry open burning requirements contained in Ohio Revised Code 1503.18 which prohibit most prescribed/prairie burns and brush/waste disposal fires from being set in unincorporated areas between the hours of 6am to 6pm during March, April, May, October and November unless applicant obtains a waiver from the Chief of the Division of Forestry.

pdf Printable Open Burning Terms and Conditions (59 KB)


County City Address
ClarkEnon6766 Stine Road
ClarkFairborn3205 Snider Rd
ClarkFairborn5477 Enon Xenia Road
ClarkFairborn9206 Haddix Rd
ClarkNew Carlisle11140 Milton Carlisle Rd
ClarkNew CarlisleStonyridge Farm - 1/4 mile N. of Dille Road, 3/4mile E. of SR 235
ClarkNew Carlisle7605 Lower Valley Pike
ClarkNew Carlisle11422 Fields Rd
ClarkSouth Vienna3749 Mahar Rd
ClarkSpringfield383 Titus Road
ClarkSpringfield3285 Selma Rd
ClarkSpringfield1305 N Tecumseh Road
ClarkSpringfield2825 Collier Rd
ClarkSpringfield842 Moorefield Road
ClarkSpringfield4001 Moorefield Rd
DarkeBrookville9662 County Line Rd.,
DarkeDayton316 Gordon-Landis Rd
DarkeGreenville4720 Hunter Road
DarkeGreenville8241 US Route 127 North
DarkeGreenvilleSt. Rt. 121 S
DarkeGreenville4720 Coletown-Lightsville Road
DarkeGreenville5295 Hogpath Rd.
DarkeGreenville6590 Heller Road
DarkeUnion City1246 Union City-Elroy Road
GreeneBeavercreek1835 Dayton-Xenia Rd.
GreeneBellbrook3113 Ferry Road
GreeneBellbrook2310 Upper Bellbrook Road
GreeneCity2561 Linebaugh Road
GreeneFairborn1105 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd.
GreeneFairborn1146 Herr Road
GreeneXenia2583 Trebein Road
GreeneXenia1441 Upper Bellbrook Rd
GreeneYellow Springs150 Yellow Springs Fairfield Road
GreeneYellow Springs12 North Enon Road
MiamiBrookville8169 Baltimore-Phillipsburg Rd
MiamiCasstown5444 E St Rt 55
MiamiCasstown8603 Troy Urbana Road
MiamiCasstown7456 E St Rt 55
MiamiCasstown6355 E. Troy-Urbana Rd.
MiamiEnglewood7910 Frederick-Garland Rd.
MiamiFletcher5290 N. Casstown - Sidney Road
MiamiLaura7440 State Route 721
MiamiLaura7679 State Route 721
MiamiLudlow Falls791 S Johnson Rd
MiamiLudlow Falls6850 W. State Route 55
MiamiNew Carlise7725 Palmer Road
MiamiNew Carlisle7011 Palmer Rd
MiamiNew Carlisle7011 Palmer Rd
MiamiPiqua3701 Demming Road
MiamiPiqua10565 Piqua-Lockington Road
MiamiPiqua2909 Farrington Rd.
MiamiPiqua965 W. Statler Rd
MiamiTipp City8505 SR 202
MiamiTipp City615 W Evanston Rd
MiamiTipp City7085 SR 202
MiamiTipp City8745 S St Rt 202
MiamiTroy5475 E. Walnut Grove Rd
MiamiTroy3436 N. County Road 25A, Concord Twshp
MiamiWest Milton489 N. Jay St
MiamiWest MiltonSW corner of Mote & Baker
MiamiWest Milton4910 Frederick Garland Rd.
MiamiWest Milton5190 Kessler Cowlesville Road
MontgomeryBrookville8500 Baltimore-Phillipsburg Road
MontgomeryBrookvilleA. Brown and Sons Nursery farm North of Blank Road
MontgomeryBrookville7814 Montgomery County Line Road
MontgomeryBrookville9662 Darke-Montgomery County Line Road
MontgomeryBrookville8231 Baltimore-Phillipsburg Road
MontgomeryBrookville10419 State Route 49
MontgomeryBrookvilleLutheran Road, parcel # C06-00402-0018
MontgomeryBrookville11630 W. National Road
MontgomeryBrookville6723 Dodson Road
MontgomeryBrookville1486 N. Clayton Road
MontgomeryBrookville5500 Seybold Rd.
MontgomeryBrookville6723 Dodson Road
MontgomeryBrookville11506 State Route 49
MontgomeryBrookville10350 Pleasant Plain Road
MontgomeryBrookville8384 Sweet Potato Ridge Ridge
MontgomeryBrookville11750 St. Rt. 49
MontgomeryBrookville8606 N, County Line Road
MontgomeryBrookville6767 Crestway Dr.
MontgomeryBrookville6708 Crestway Dr.
MontgomeryBrookville8471 Baltimore-Phillipsburg Pike
MontgomeryBrookville4382 Johnsville-Brookville Road
MontgomeryBrookville1634 Johnsville-Brookville Rd.
MontgomeryBrookville11555 Arlington Rd
MontgomeryBrookville10700 Brookville-Phillipsburg Rd.
MontgomeryBrookville11758 Hartman Rd
MontgomeryClayton9476 Haber Road
MontgomeryClayton5857 Phillipsburg Union Road
MontgomeryClayton3491 National Road
MontgomeryClayton8538 Hoke Road
MontgomeryClayton8392 Hoke Road
MontgomeryDayton7580 Old Dayton Road
MontgomeryDayton7603 Upper Miamisburg Rd
MontgomeryDayton6520 Brantford Rd.
MontgomeryDayton7275 West Third St.
MontgomeryDayton11161 Elm Tree Road
MontgomeryDaytonFarm SW corner - 0 Diamond Mill & Dayton Farmersville Road
MontgomeryEnglewood3348 W. National Road
MontgomeryEnglewood9630 N. Diamond Mill Road
MontgomeryEnglewood10298 Pansing Road
MontgomeryEnglewood11316 Putnam Rd
MontgomeryFarmersville9474 Dayton-Farmersville Rd. Farmersvillle
MontgomeryGerman Twp.8258 Butter Street
MontgomeryGermantown14775 Baden Road
MontgomeryGermantown10519 Manning Road
MontgomeryGermantown8040 Upper Miamisburg Rd
MontgomeryGermantown9815 Germantown-Middletown Rd.
MontgomeryGermantown6359 Little Twin Rd.
MontgomeryGermantown8249 Boomershine Road
MontgomeryGermantown10491 Carlisle Pike (lot across street)
MontgomeryMiamisburgbehind 7435 S. Union Road
MontgomeryNew Lebanon525 S. Farmersville Johnsville Road
MontgomeryNew Lebanon10240 Eaton Pike
MontgomeryNew Lebanon600 S. Lutheran Road
MontgomeryNew Lebanon401 Johnsville-Brookville Road
MontgomeryPhillipsburg11965 St. Rt. 49
MontgomeryTrotwood5350 Shiloh Springs
MontgomeryTrotwood325 N. Snyder Road
MontgomeryTrotwood5376 Strawberry Ct.
MontgomeryTrotwood6160 Shiloh Springs
MontgomeryTrotwood700 W. Main St.
MontgomeryTrotwood4099 Snyder Road
MontgomeryTrotwood3316 Olive Road
MontgomeryVandalia3111 West National Rd. Vandalia
MontgomeryVandalia9105 Peters Rd. Vandalia
MontgomeryVandalia2858 W. National Road
MontgomeryWest Alexandria2100 N. Preble Co. Line Road
MontgomeryWest Alexandria2100 N. Preble Co. Line Road
PrebleEaton0 Swain Road
PrebleEaton505 Wyatt Road
PrebleEaton7005 Concord Road
PrebleEaton853 Wayne Trace Road
PrebleHarrison Twp. Lewisburg6344 Prices Creek Road
PrebleLewisburg11376 State Route 503
PrebleLewisburg7011 Sonora Rd
PrebleLewisburg11507 State Route 503 N.
PrebleLewisburg5571 St. Rt. 503 N
PrebleLewisburg7867 State Route 503 North
PrebleLewisburg4277 Falls Road
PrebleNew Paris6336 Guy Murray Road
PrebleWest Alexandria2540 State Route 503 South
PrebleWest Alexandria6907 Lexington Salem Road
PrebleWest Alexandria6175 Engle Road
PrebleWest Alexandria0 Snyder Road
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