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RAPCA's industrial permit program is centered on the State of Ohio's air pollution permit system. RAPCA works with Ohio EPA to recommend and issue air permits for industrial sources of air pollution. Ohio EPA and U.S. EPA define who is required to get an air permit.

Each permit will have how much pollution a facility is allowed to emit and what kinds of testing, record keeping, and reporting they must do. RAPCA inspects these facilities to make sure they are meeting their permit requirements and if they are not, we work with Ohio EPA to determine what kind of enforcement actions to take.

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Common Questions

Does my business need an air permit?

You need an air permit if you own or operate an industrial “air contaminant source”. An air contaminant source is anything that emits an air pollutant. While this covers many different types of activities, four rules of thumb can often help in identifying an air contaminant source:

  1. Something that has a stack, dust collector or vent. Examples include woodworking operations, grinders and storage tanks.
  2. A process that uses paints, solvents, adhesives or inks. Examples include paint booths, solvent cleaning tanks and printing presses.
  3. A process that burns a fuel (e.g., oil, natural gas or coal). Examples include boilers, furnaces and process heaters.
  4. A process that produces visible dust, odors or smoke. Examples include material handling operations, sand blasting, unpaved roadways and incinerators.

I operate a small business, can I get free technical assistance?

Yes, Ohio EPA’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) provides free confidential assistance to qualifying Ohio businesses to help them comply with Ohio’s environmental requirements. For more information, visit OCCAPs website.

Where can I find the State regulations for air permitting?

Ohio EPA maintains an effective list of air regulations which are located in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) chapters 3745-14 to 3745-26, 3745-31, 3745-71 to 3745-80, 3745-100 to 3745-105, 3745-108, 3745-109, and 3745-112 to 3745-114.

Where do I get an air permit application?

Ohio EPA maintains a complete list of air permit application forms.

Where do I send my application?

For facilities in Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Clark, Preble and Darke counties, send the applications to:


Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA)
117 South Main Street
Dayton, OH 45422


Certain facilities may have to submit their permit applications electronically. For more information, visit Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Air Services Center.

How long will it take for a permit to be issued?

In general, a permit takes anywhere from two to six months to process depending on the complexity of the air pollution source and workloads of our office. When submitting your permit application you can contact our office to discuss an estimated processing time. You can also call our office to arrange a pre-application meeting to discuss your project. They can ensure you complete the proper forms and can address any concerns you have with construction/installation deadlines.

Can I start while my permit application is being processed?

Ohio's regulations allow some “site preparation activities” before the permit is issued. Smaller companies can clear land, build structures, pour foundations, run utility lines, and place equipment on site before getting the final permit. However, you cannot connect utility lines to the equipment and begin operation until you get the permit. For a complete list of allowed site preparation activities, see OAC 3745-31-33.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have permitting questions please feel free to contact our office at (937)225-4435.


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